Free Video Editing Apps 2022 – Meet the 5 Best to Download


In the past, video editing required sitting at a desktop. Not anymore, Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and Android let you produce great material on the go.

The game changing aspect is there is no cost to use them.


Download a free video editing program for Android or iPhone and quickly create full-length ads or ridiculous YouTube videos.

Which app should you download? Don’t be afraid, we’ve got your back. Here are our picks for the best free video editing apps for iPhone and Android.


When you need a video editing app

When it comes to producing multiple films and wanting greater creative freedom and more alternatives to stand out quickly and easily, a competent video editing program is necessary.

The vast majority of effective social media influencers on TikTok or YouTube rely on video editing apps to stand out and get likes and shares.

Utilizing visual effects, transitions, stickers and more stock media allows content creators to save time and gain more followers.

If you want to improve your social media presence, a video editing program will help.

If you’re just looking to save time, set yourself apart from the crowd, and spruce up your movies to make the most impressive impression possible, a decent video editing program is unnecessary.

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Top 5 best free video editors

1 – PowerDirector:

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Attribute keys:

  • Videos can be trimmed, spliced, and rotated with just a few taps.
  • Employ jaw-dropping transitions and effects via drag and drop.
  • Add text and animated titles to your movie in a matter of seconds
  • Make video and image collages with PiP overlays.

The app has a variety of visual effects features such as compositing and speed modifications. YouTube Intro and Ending Templates. Plus a collection of motion titles and transition effects.

PowerDirector supports 1080p HD output, but if you upgrade to the premium edition, you can export 4K movies.

Also, you can directly export to YouTube or Facebook with a single tap.

The premium edition of the program provides access to over 8,000,000 royalty-free videos, photos and music.

No other video editing app offers the same amount of functionality.

2 – Promeo:

Compatible with iOS and Android

Attribute keys:

  • Ideal for social networks
  • simple to use
  • Fully customized and ready-to-use templates
  • Included are royalty-free music, photos and movies, decals and fonts.
  • Promeo is a time-saving video editing program that allows you to create promotional social media content in three steps.

With over 10,000 ready-to-use templates, Promeo is ideal for creating content for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, among other platforms.

Posts can be made by selecting a preferred template, replacing the image or video with one of your choice and then sharing it directly with your followers.

You can use your own videos and photos to create content, or you can freely use videos, photos and music from compatible stock media from Shutterstock, iStock and Unsplash.

There are numerous categories of social media content templates, including education, beauty, real estate, food, auto, fashion, travel, sports, wellness, and finance.

Additionally, seasonal and promotion-specific templates and new designs are added every month, ensuring social media content creators never run out of ideas.

No other video editing app can match Promeo’s ease of use and variety of content creation and sharing options.

3 – iMovie:

Compatibility: iOS

Attribute keys:

  • No cost to Apple customers
  • simple interface
  • Compatible with all contemporary Apple devices
  • iMovie bridges the gap between professional and amateur video editing.

It supports 4k and multitrack editing, offers a variety of effects, and lets you insert free music that automatically adjusts to the length of a movie.

iMovie’s learning curve can be mastered without the help of a video editing expert.

Among the most significant aspects of iMovie is its collection of themes.

Photo Album, Sports, Travel, Comics and Neon are some of the pre-programmed themes.

Each choice includes music, transitions and text overlays, saving you time and effort when editing.

If you haven’t used iMovie in a while, you should revisit it. Apple continually updates the platform to provide consumers with additional options and features.

In August 2020, the tech giant released 25 new soundtracks and three additional filters for iMovie.

4 – Splice:

Compatible with iOS and Android

Attribute keys:

  • Export directly to social media
  • Covers the fundamentals of video editing
  • Splice is the ideal introduction to mobile video editing for beginners.

This tool is ideal for creating a highlight reel of your most recent hiking excursion.

After loading and arranging your clips into the appropriate tracks, you can cut and trim them with a few taps.

The result is smoother, cleaner footage, but it can’t be edited in 4k.

With Splice’s large collection of free music and sound effects, you can add a musical touch.

Tap on the appropriate track and drag it to the desired location on the timeline.

Splice also allows you to add transitions, use video effects and share directly on social media.

Looking to maximize your Splice experience? Enhance your app with an in-app purchase.

There are monthly, quarterly and yearly options available. Each alternative has a free trial.

5 – Quick:

Compatible with iOS and Android

Attribute keys:

  • Ideal for video montages
  • Allows for different orientations
  • Includes built-in themes.

Quik, formerly known as Replay, is a GoPro add-on product specifically designed for creating multi-clip highlight reels.

GoPro built Quik for fast, fun movies. It lets you combine clips, add a theme or soundtrack, and export within minutes.

Quik is the app to use if you want to create a short video for Instagram.

Quik allows you to make small adjustments to your masterpiece. You can add filters, titles, fonts and finishes from start to finish, giving them your personal touch.

Additionally, Quik provides access to 28 distinct video formats for enhanced customization.

Quik is not the app for you if you want to create the next Tenet on your smartphone.

It doesn’t support 4K editing, and while multiple audio tracks are possible, the same can’t be said for video.

The easy-to-use video editor appeals to those who want to quickly create videos.

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How to select the ideal video editing application

Due to the huge number of applications accessible for download, it is difficult to decide on a decent video editing tool.

The best video editing app for you is the one that matches your preferences in terms of functionality and usability. Another important element is your budget.

Most of the video editing apps on our list offer a 3-7 day free trial to test the essential features.

This is a great approach for identifying not only what features you need, but also what software might be easier for you to use.

These deciding variables are included in our list of top video editing apps to help you choose.

How we rated the top video editing apps

To help you select the software best suited for your needs, we’ve ranked each app and provided its essential features and pricing.

As a smartphone user, it’s also crucial to find a video editing program that’s easy to use on tiny screens and doesn’t feel clunky.

Additional variables we considered include:

  • Compatibility with various portable electronic devices
  • Clear and friendly interface
  • Innovative editing tools
  • frequent updates
  • Integrated media stock library

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