Discover the 5 Best Music Apps to Download on Mobile


While apps like Spotify and Deezer are incredibly beneficial for listening to your playlists, you must be online most of the time to use them. Alternatively, you can test, download and listen to music from various apps for mobile music downloads smoothly. Learn more in this article!

How to select the ideal music app

Make sure the music app provides song recommendations and playlists to select the best app.


Also, pay attention to available features, sound quality, and pricing options. Examining:

  • Select the application type based on usage.
  • Investigate music apps for Android, iOS, TV, watch and computer.
  • Discover the best music app to listen to your favorite artists.
  • Determine the best music app for audio quality.
  • Select the Plan that best suits your profile.

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Top 5 of the best music apps to download on mobile

1 -Spotify:

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world. In addition to the millions of songs available, the site offers a variety of podcasts and radio stations.

User can create their own playlists or collaborate with other users. Daily music recommendations are provided based on what you’re listening to.

It is accessible on multiple platforms and offers a free version (with advertising and song skipping limitations). The premium option gives you the ability to download music for offline listening.

Spotify: (free with premium plan option) Android | iOS |

2 – Apple Music:

Apple also has a popular app for downloading music, which is often used by streaming providers.

Apple Music allows you to download and save multiple albums on your phone, tablet or computer.

So you can listen to them without an online connection. To use this feature, you must have an active app subscription.

There are more than 70 million songs available in total. You can download your favorites, create playlists and share them across multiple devices with ease. You can even listen to live radio.

Apple Music UI is easy to use. So even if you’ve never used the service before, you’ll quickly become proficient.

After a three-month free trial, the monthly cost of an individual subscription is R$16.90.

The Family plan costs BRL 24.90 per month and allows up to five people to use their account within the Family Sharing group.

iPhone SE 2 includes stereo speakers so Apple Music can be used to listen to music.

Apple Music: (Three months free trial, then paid plan option) iOS |

3 – Deezer:

Even before Spotify, Deezer was one of the first streaming sites of its kind.

More than 56 million songs and 4 million audio shows such as podcasts and interviews are available on the site.

In addition to letting you follow playlists or create your own, the tool also suggests songs based on what you’re listening to.

One of the differences is the display of song lyrics in their native language, ensuring that users never sing incorrectly again.

The free edition of Deezer gives you access to the entire library. However, only the subscription plan allows you to download music for offline listening, change music without restrictions, and avoid ads.

Deezer: (free with optional premium plan) Android | iOS |

4 – Shazam:

Shazam is the leading app available today for people who want to find out what song is playing “listening” on their smartphone.

It doesn’t matter if the song is playing in a club, on the radio or on television; just launch Shazam and wait a few seconds for the song to be identified.

After recognition, which takes a few seconds, Shazam opens the song’s page in the app.

It allows you to keep track of the lyrics synced to the song, see a list of alternate versions, link your Spotify account, and watch relevant videos on Apple Music and YouTube.

On iOS, the app can be integrated into the device’s Control Center. When listening to an interesting song, just use this shortcut to easily identify it.

Shazam: (Free) Android | iOS |

5 – SoundCloud:

SoundCloud claims to be the largest audio and music streaming platform in the world. The program offers over 200 million songs from around 20 million artists.

That is, if you are interested in news, independent musicians and exclusive material, this app may be a suitable option.

You have the option to create your own playlists or select one of the available ones.

The app also provides music recommendations based on what the user is listening to. All tracks are available for free listening.

To remove ads and have unrestricted access to offline music, however, you must subscribe to one of the paid plans.

SoundCloud: (free with premium subscription options) Android | iOS |

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