Top 5 Blood Pressure Tracker Apps to Keep Yours in Check


High or low blood pressure may become a health issue for you as you age. Monitoring your blood pressure on a regular basis is essential for managing these diseases.

Controlling your blood pressure is crucial for early diagnosis, following your therapy, and establishing command over your health conditions.



There is no need to continually worry about how you’ll keep track of your blood pressure data, as there are so many excellent mobile applications accessible.

The applications listed below are the finest blood pressure trackers for recording, monitoring, and logging blood pressure values.


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Blood Pressure Diary

You cannot test your blood pressure using an application; you must need a traditional sphygmomanometer or a smart blood pressure monitor.

Nonetheless, the Blood Pressure Diary app may be used to maintain a trustworthy journal of your BP data.

The application allows you to input your daily systolic range, diastolic range, and pulse along with any other tags.

Using the app, you may record your blood pressure and observe how it fluctuates by type, including hypotension, pre-hypertension, and stages one and two of hypertension.

The Blood Pressure Diary app is entirely free and simple to use, and it provides useful monthly blood pressure information, graphs, and charts.


How can you determine if you are at risk for a heart attack or stroke if you do not regularly monitor your blood pressure? AVAX is an all-in-one blood pressure control application with several outstanding features.

As part of the basic features, you may view detailed blood pressure charts, data, and your BP status, which indicates the number of days you’ve recorded your blood pressure.

You may also monitor your weight, blood sugar, and medication intake, in addition to your blood pressure readings.

Controlling your blood pressure and monitoring your weight go hand in hand.

According to material published in AHA/ASA Journals, obesity increases the risk of hypertension.

BP Journal

Using the BP Journal app to record your blood pressure readings allows you to keep a record and share it with your doctor.

You may quickly email your blood pressure records to your doctor or print them to bring with you to your next appointment using BP Journal.

BP Journal is a simple application, yet its simplicity makes it easy to use.

With the BP Journal app, you always have access to all the information you need regarding your blood pressure, including daily readings, statistics, and critical charts.

Blood Pressure Tracker

The intuitive UI of the Blood Pressure Tracker app makes entering BP data a breeze.

In addition, it does not contain any superfluous frills, unlike many other programs.

Similarly to the previously stated app, BP Journal, you may preserve and share your medical information with your physician.

Unfortunately, this requires an upgrade to the premium version. Blood Pressure Tracker is a simple program that does what it’s intended to do: track your blood pressure values.

If you’d want a more in-depth look at your blood pressure measures, the app gives statistics such as a systolic, diastolic, pulse, and weight analysis.

Also included are a pie chart of your blood pressure readings, a line chart of your average blood pressure, and a weight chart.

BP Watch

Home blood pressure monitoring might help your doctor identify whether or not your medicine is effective.

The only issue is that it is sometimes difficult to remember to check it.

BP Watch is the best blood pressure tracking application since it allows you to create a reminder so you never forget to record your blood pressure again.

Overall, BP Watch is a thorough monitoring program that provides handy visual displays of your blood pressure data.

Unique to the BP Watch app is the ability to create and manage numerous user profiles.

In other words, you may also monitor your partner’s or family members’ blood pressure data.

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Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure Level

Due to the prevalence of conditions such as hypertension and hypotension throughout the world, it is crucial to monitor your blood pressure.

Why not utilize technology to keep track of your blood pressure levels? Download one or more of these mobile applications to monitor, track, and view your blood pressure readings at your leisure.

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