Top 5 Best Apps for Diabetes Control on Mobile


Your mobile phone might be one of the finest health tools you currently possess. You may utilize this smartphone to your advantage if you have diabetes by downloading and utilizing a diabetes control application. The objective is to locate an app that solves your worries and simplifies your diabetes management.

Regardless of whether you have type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, understanding the relationship between diet, physical activity, and blood sugar levels is essential for managing your disease.


If you’re concerned about carbohydrate counts, insulin dosages, A1C, glucose, glycemic index, blood pressure, or weight control, there’s an app for all of these and more.

Some applications provide the convenience of allowing you to share your health information with your medical team, so that your physicians can assist you in modifying your treatment plan.


We chose the top diabetic apps for 2022 based on:

  • What you could require them for
  • User comments
  • How readily they might be included into your entire health strategy

From more complete diabetes care tools to assistance for the recently diagnosed to particular carb counters, these are our favorite diabetes apps for 2022. Download successfully!

How to pick a diabetic application?

A quick search for “apps for diabetes” finds hundreds of diabetes-related apps.

But your first goal is controlling your diabetes, not scouring the internet for the finest software. Therefore, we completed the legwork for you.

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When reviewing a diabetic app, it is advisable to look for the following:

  • An application that addresses the majority of your desired diabetes management requirements. This may contain health information, recipes, carb counting, monitoring blood glucose levels, or just organizing your medical records.
  • An application that developers constantly update. This will aid in “ironing out the kinks” so you can avoid app crashes and slowdowns.
  • User-friendly design. Inputting a great deal of information is time-consuming and unlikely to be performed. Consider options such as preloaded nutritional information, simple-to-use buttons, and useful reminders.
  • Compatibility with your other devices. Some applications will interface with your insulin pump, wristwatch, or other high-tech diabetes management gear. These can save you time and improve your health management.

A diabetes management application should normally reduce your workload, not increase it. Considering these variables might help you restrict your options.

Bezzy T2D

Ever feel alone with your diagnosis? Well, Healthline’s Bezzy T2D is here to connect you with others on an online forum where you may discuss everything connected to diabetes.

There are safe locations to discuss various topics, including everyday living, diet and nutrition, COVID-19, relationships, newly diagnosed individuals, and mental health.


Regarding the management of diabetes, information is power. Fooducate is here to assist you in determining which foods can maintain a healthy blood sugar level, as not all meals — or even carbohydrates — are made equal. We adore this app since it has more than 300,000 foods.

Scan their barcodes and you will see an A, B, C, or D “grade” for the food’s nutritional value. If the item does not meet nutritional standards, you are provided with ideas for healthier alternatives.

The app makes it simple to track and learn more about the meals you consume, such as their added sugar level, hidden ingredients, and other details.


This application is nearly comprehensive for managing type I, type II, and gestational diabetes.

It provides carb counting, glucose monitoring, and estimated bolus dosage calculation.

It can track your blood glucose levels for weeks, months, or even years.

Based on your monitoring, it may predict your hemoglobin A1C as an added benefit.

This program is distinguished by its simple, straightforward, and configurable dashboard layout and its ability to sync with your glucose meter.

MySugr provides features that might help you make the most of the program, such as reminders to enter additional data, such as blood sugar levels after an exercise.

All the data and charts are often simple to share to your doctor, allowing you to change your therapy and better control your diabetes in collaboration.

Glucose Buddy

The Glucose Buddy app can link with Dexcom glucometer devices and Apple Health Apps, enabling you to track steps, exercise, and meals with more ease.

You may also manually enter your information. The app provides a 12-week diabetes education plan with easy-to-read suggestions and some 5-minute or fewer lectures.

Under the subscription plan, you’ll get an ad-free experience, in-depth reporting on A1C and other metrics, and the ability to customize the app’s presentation for your specific needs.


Diabetes:M is a diabetes log app with nearly all of the features you may need, including test reminders, a dietary log and monitoring system, interfaces with fitness applications, and blood sugar trend mapping. Additionally, we like that it is mobile and tablet-friendly.

Additionally, the app provides an insulin bolus calculation based on the nutritional data you enter.

Utilize the app’s advanced capabilities to view trend graphs and charts in customizable periods, putting glucose control back in your hands or on your wrist with the Apple Watch app.

If you subscribe to the premium service, the app allows you to create several profiles.

Is there a free app for diabetes?

There are several free diabetic applications available. Whether you own an Android or Apple smartphone, there is likely a free diabetes app that meets your requirements.

Be careful that free diabetic applications typically contain several advertisements.

Check the terms of service for all applications, especially those that are free, as they may sell your data to other parties.

What is the best diabetic app for type 2?

We believe that all of the applications on our list are excellent. However, the ideal application will depend on the characteristics you seek.

Healthline’s Bezzy T2D app may be useful for those with type 2 diabetes who are seeking assistance and personal connection. If you’re interested in using nutritious meals and diet tracking to help manage your diabetes, you may want to try Fooducate.

What benefits can diabetic applications provide?

Apps for diabetes can aid in several ways. You may use the applications to track your blood sugar and identify patterns over time, as well as schedule reminders to check your blood sugar.

Some applications allow you to download this information to discuss with your physician. You may plan your meals using apps to make nutritional modifications.

A few applications even enable you to connect with other diabetics for further advice and support.

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