How to watch free TV channels on mobile


The ability to access a variety of information, whether via digital television or streaming, has made television an essential part of our lives. Today, we may watch a movie, a free tv series, a documentary, or a cartoon without interruptions and à la carte, thanks to the many platforms available.

Thanks to technology and software, millions of consumers are able to watch any channel without paying for the service. Imagine being able to view movies on your mobile device at any time and transmitting the signal directly to your television without the use of cords.


Nowadays, we provide the top applications to watch premium channels for free, allowing you to view any form of material, including sports, a popular pastime today. A few screen taps will determine what the individual sees at that specific instant.

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5 Apps to watch free TV on your cell phone

Extreme IPTV

IPTV Extreme is a TV-viewing application for Android that utilizes m3u channel lists, a file that directs users to live broadcasts. Depending on which channel is selected, the list of available channels will vary; there are a great number of channels accessible and they are all operational at now.

The application is compatible with Google’s Chromecast, automatically refreshes the TV guide, records shows in real time, and features parental controls. In addition, the program offers the option of uploading lists by topic, especially when it comes to categorizing them.

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The IPTV Extreme application is the finest alternative to ModBro, and adding m3u lists is not as difficult as it may appear. As a free program, it contains advertisements; however, in exchange for an annual fee, these adverts are removed from the premium version.


It has long since evolved into the ideal multimedia hub for playing any form of material, including external playlists. Using the add-ons, you will be able to see both free and premium channels in and out of the terminal.

Kodi is a suitable media player for all file types, and can be installed on Android-powered TV boxes alongside Android-powered phones. Since channels may be added individually and a list of favorites can be compiled, the user can customize this program to his preference.

The Kodi application is required if you wish to view any types of media, including movies, television programs, documentaries, and even YouTube videos. In addition to having over 10 million downloads on mobile devices, it is one of the most voted-on apps. Installation of a channel is simple.

You TV Player

It is, like the other two, an ideal application for playing free DTT channels on well-known payment platforms. You will be able to access any sports, films, television series, children’s television shows, and any file on the network of networks.

You TV Player enables users to save material for later viewing or add it to their list of favorites so that it is always accessible. Add the chat function to communicate with friends and individuals we meet in the chat, however it will depend on the individual’s ability to respond to each message.

The You TV Player program has the capability to transfer material from Google to Chromecast and play any video on the television. Millions of users who downloaded the program from its own website have given it one of the highest ratings outside of Google Play.

MX Player

As with WisePlay, it functions as a video player. It also accepts lists of channels from all around the world that may be seen without restriction. MX Player is carving out a place for itself, therefore it is up to the many individuals who are searching for a local video player in addition to the Internet to ensure its success.

MX Player is a reasonably intuitive UI at first sight, and it can also play videos that are now on your mobile device. Go to the three lines to include m3u or other URLs. Click Local network in the upper left corner, then click the “+” button and enter the server’s name. Click Connect, and the channels will be displayed.

It is a very popular application.

Due to the fact that it has been downloaded by 500 million people worldwide, it is also one of the most well regarded solutions available. MX Player is ideal for viewing DTT and paid channels, comparable to WisePlay.


Due to the availability of servers, one of the premier apps will continue to function in 2021 as it did in 2020. WisePlay is a video player that can read m3U lists; to use it, simply copy a URL and paste it to see the list of channels.

After importing it, you will be able to view the live broadcasts of those on that list, which is needed to watch DTT and free pay channels. WisePlay is a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, making it suitable for usage on any Android phone and also accessible on TV Box, PC, and Chromecast.

Play various types of video files, including aac, avi, asf, amr, divx, flv, h264, hevc, m3u8, mkv, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, mts, ogg, rm, rmvb, ts, vp9, and wmv, as well as protocols http, https, mms, rtmp Approximately 5 million downloads have been made through the Play Store. It is in Spanish, and learning how to use it will need minimal effort.

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