5 best free apps to watch Women’s World Cup 2023 live!


As excitement builds for the highly anticipated 2023 Women’s World Cup, football fans across the world are preparing to witness the best teams and players battling it out on the big stage.

For passionate fans who want to experience every moment of the Women’s World Cup in real time, technology has made it easier than ever.


Discover 5 remarkable apps that bring the 2023 Women’s World Cup matches at your fingertips, allowing you to follow your favorite teams and players up close. See now!

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5 outstanding apps to watch the 2023 Women’s World Cup games


One of the most reputable sports networks in the world, ESPN offers an excellent app that covers all the action of the Women’s World Cup 2023.


With the ESPN app, you can access live streaming of matches, highlights, expert analysis, and exclusive interviews with players and coaches. The app provides real-time scores, match schedules, and in-depth statistics, keeping you up-to-date with every development in the tournament.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, ESPN ensures you have a front-row seat to all the excitement of the Women’s World Cup.

2. FIFA Official App

The official app of FIFA is a must-have for any football enthusiast during the Women’s World Cup. This app is your gateway to the most authentic and reliable information about the tournament.

You can watch live matches, access exclusive videos, and read the latest news and updates from the teams. The app also offers a unique feature called “Match Centre,” where you can follow real-time match statistics, player performance data, and even view match highlights.

With the FIFA Official App, you can stay connected to the Women’s World Cup from anywhere in the world.

3. NBC Sports

For fans in the United States, the NBC Sports app is the perfect destination to catch all the live action of the Women’s World Cup 2023.

NBC Sports holds the exclusive broadcasting rights for the tournament in the US, and their app provides live streaming of matches, expert commentary, and pre and post-game analysis.

You can set personalized notifications to receive updates about your favorite teams and players, ensuring that you never miss a moment of the thrilling matches.

4. BBC Sport

If you’re in the United Kingdom, the BBC Sport app is your go-to platform for comprehensive coverage of the Women’s World Cup.

The BBC is known for its excellent sports coverage, and their app delivers live streams of matches, highlights, and interviews with players and coaches.

With the BBC Sport app, you can dive deep into the latest football news and expert analysis, making it a valuable companion for every football fan during the tournament.

5. Telemundo Deportes

For Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States, the Telemundo Deportes app is the ultimate destination for Women’s World Cup coverage.

Telemundo Deportes is the official Spanish-language broadcaster of the tournament in the US, and their app offers live streaming of matches, in-depth analysis, and behind-the-scenes content.

Whether you prefer to watch the matches in Spanish or just want an alternative perspective, the Telemundo Deportes app has got you covered.

The Significance of Women’s World Cup Matches

The Women’s World Cup is not just a sporting event; it represents a powerful platform for promoting gender equality, empowering women, and inspiring young girls to pursue their dreams in sports.

The tournament brings together talented athletes from diverse backgrounds and cultures, showcasing the universality of football and its ability to unite people worldwide.

Women's World Cup
Image: Fifa

These matches serve as a celebration of female athleticism, breaking stereotypes, and highlighting the immense talent and determination of women in the sporting arena.

As the players compete for victory on the field, they also strive to create a lasting impact off the pitch. The Women’s World Cup fosters conversations about equal pay, improved opportunities for women in sports, and the importance of providing young girls with access to athletic opportunities.

By supporting and watching these matches, we contribute to the larger movement towards gender equality in sports and society as a whole.

It is an opportunity to champion equality, empower women, and inspire generations to come. So, let’s come together as fans to cheer for the teams, appreciate the skills on display, and celebrate the progress of women’s football on the world stage.

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